The mainstream perception of the supernatural and witchcraft centers itself around Western/european understandings and practices regarding magic. These narratives often leave out and sometimes outright ignore different understandings and realities of witches who don’t subscribe to european witchcraft. Unless the practitioners are from the Voodun/Voodoo traditions, whose mentions are often ignorant and misinformed, non-western witchcraft is rarely brought up. There are as many practices as there are ethnicities and they deserve to be recognized.

That being said, this project aims to give visibility and voice to those practitioners of non-western magic. These Black and Brown bodies whose practice is so connected to heritage and history, are drawn here together as homage to that history. This project showcases practices from those of African, Indigenous American, Latinx, and Asian traditions as well as their relationship to what they practice. May it open your eyes and perceptions.

Col Williams. 2016.